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photo of one of our technicians cleaning a duct in a Chicago home

Air duct cleaning is a detailed process that can only be done properly by calling a professional duct cleaning service. No matter how a homeowner might try to access their air ducts and air returns, they simply do not have the proper tools to perform the task properly and effectively. Duct cleaning is an important aspect of home maintenance that many people often overlook. By having the furnace and duct work professionally cleaned, homeowners can greatly improve their indoor air quality, as the cleaning will remove dust and debris that may have been lurking in their home’s duct system long before they moved into the home.

Aside from removing dirt, duct cleaning can also remove potentially harmful molds, fungus, and microbes. This can help to decrease the chances of developing certain illnesses, especially for those people who have sensitive respiratory systems. A thorough duct cleaning procedure can also help to remove residue and allergens that may be in the duct work left behind from smoking in the home, or from having furry pets. This can also be especially important to really help cleanse the home for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

Simply sticking a vacuum attachment down the air registers will only remove obvious dirt buildup in the small area that can be reached. This leaves the rest of the ducts running throughout the home untouched. This is why a professional should be called. The entire duct cleaning process will typically take anywhere from three to five hours. In order to prepare for the arrival of the cleaning company, all cars should be removed from the driveway in order to allow the cleaning crew to park their vehicle in the driveway to gain access to your furnace and vents. The vehicle is equipped with special vacuum systems that will used in the process of cleaning the home. Trained technicians will arrive at the home, bringing with them the most effective duct cleaning tools needed for the job. It is also helpful to move any furniture or other obstacles that might be covering a register or air intake out of the way before the crew arrives. In order to do their job correctly, they will need about three feet of space to access each register or air intake. They will also need unobstructed access to the furnace area of the home.

Before the actual cleaning process begins, the cleaning crew will take precautions to avoid any potential damage to the home. This may include protecting doorways, floors, and corners from getting dirty or scratched during the procedure. After everything is set up and ready to go , an eight inch vacuum hose is attached to the supply and returns sides of the duct system simultaneously. This creates negative air pressure which pulls out all dirt and debris and deposits it directly into the vacuum on the truck. Special hand sanitizing of all registers and diffusers is also performed to clean wherever the air exchanges occur.

As large amounts of air are being pulled into the vacuum system of the truck, professional scrubbing tools are sent down each duct to scrub away and remove any dirt, dust, hair, mold spores, and anything else that might be lurking around. After the actual registers are thoroughly clean, the cleaning crew will then take care of the cold air returns in the home. All grill covers and drops will be cleaned, and all supply and return ducts will be scrubbed with special tools equipped with plastic plugs to ensure no loss of air flow.

After the main duct cleaning has been performed, the cleaning crew will turn their attention to the actual furnace. Air washing and vacuuming of the drop will be performed, as well as cleaning of the blower fan, filter box, AC coil, combustion chamber, and cabinet interior of the furnace.When all of the work has been completed, the cleaning technicians will place new galvanized access panels over the areas in which they created openings for the vacuum hoses. They will also clean up after themselves by removing any debris and thoroughly sweeping the area.

Duct cleaning is a detailed process that should only be attempted by professionals. It is definitely worth the investment in order to improve the quality of the air your family breathes, as well as removing any potential allergens. A professional cleaning will also help keep heating and cooling vents operating more efficiently, saving money on utilities and making the most of heating and cooling dollars.

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