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You will be able to find out the difference if you hire DUCTS R US. We have the equipment that is designed and built for the air duct cleaning industry. You ensure maximum suction of all the dirt and debris. Our services consist of material that emerges so that the rubble and dust gathers and we remove it from the ducts.

What do we have?

We have the truck that can get all the dirt out without causing any mess. It is the core of our cleaning. The vehicles are environmentally friendly. If you try to clean the air ducts or vents at home, you will be using brushes and vacuum cleaner which is not enough for the process. Our duct cleaning service includes the forced-air method where all the registers and the duct lines get clean. The air handling part of the furnace will become clean to get rid of any loose debris or dirt from the exterior of the heat exchanger, around the cooling coil, the plenum, and blower compartment.

How important is customer satisfaction?

We come with one hundred percent guarantee that you will love our services. It shows our commitment to meeting our customers’ and the industry’s highest standards. We take all concerns relating to the quality of service very seriously, and our experience in the industry speaks to that. We are famous for killing over 99% of bacteria, fungal spores, and mold. You cannot live with them in your home as it is dangerous and can cause health problems.

How we save money?

First of all, when you are cleaning the air ducts, the equipment will run less, and you will have a small utility bill. Secondly, we clean the dryer exhaust to ensure running efficiency. Lastly, we guarantee that the lifespan of all your appliance will increase and you will stay safe from a fire hazard.

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