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What would you do if you wake up and find that the house is on fire? The sad part is when you will discover that you could have easily prevented it if you had a clean clothes dryer. Debris and lint can develop in the vent duct and dryer hose. Eventually, the air flow will stop, and the exhaust gasses will back up and result in a fire. There are a lot of advantages of getting a professional team to clean the air ducts. Significant benefits include avoiding the fire hazards and saving money by refining the dryer’s efficacy.

If you are drying time has increased for clothes, that can mean that you have a vent that is clogged. You will notice that the clothes are not dry and it is taking more than double the original time to dry. The manufacturers design the dryer to send moist hot air to the fabrics for drying. If there is lint in the vent, the air will remain there and keep the garments warm and wet. If that is not a warning sign for you, you should keep your eyes open for burning clothes and a hot dryer. It does not mean that your clothing will be on fire or there will be discoloration, and you will feel it be scorching compared to regular times. The exhaust is not working so it cannot get rid of the heat. A clogged machine does not only misspend energy; it makes the dryer die quicker.

If the temperature is not enough for you, you can check for the smell. Usually, when you use the dryer, there should be no smell of something burning. Lint can cause fire easily, and it can get stuck in the exhaust tube. When it reaches a very high temperature, you should stop using it. It means the lint can cause fire anytime. Contact Ducts R US because we are Certified HVAC technicians who will take care of your dryer vent cleaning.


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