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Have you ever seen the internal condition of your home’s air ducts? Believe us! It is not going to be a very pleasant encounter and especially when you haven’t approached anyone for its cleaning ever or within past few years. We understand there are many companies to choose from within this industry. However, Ducts R US is one of the few that are operating professionally and certified by the BBB.

According to the NADCA and various other healthcare societies and agencies, frequent cleaning of the ducts is necessary. So, don’t take it for granted. As the owner of a residential or commercial property, you are legally responsible for keeping HVAC system and its associated auxiliaries maintained. We have witnessed cases where the property owners were taken into the litigation for failing on their part.

How significant is this issue?

Well, our HAVC system ducts are designed for transportation of air. However, there is nothing like a “perfect solution” that for stopping the debris, dust and other foreign particles from ingression. These foreign particles stay rotating throughout the entire area of your home. Everyone knows, inhalation of such impure air is not recommended. In fact, people with allergies and other respiratory illnesses may find their condition deteriorating with the passage of time.


Let us state; we are not hobbyists, nor is it our side business.  We are among the few of companies that are offering professionally maintained and executed duct cleaning services. Stay here! Following are a few points that show the level of our seriousness and dedication towards our business,

•    We are a certified member of the NADCA
•    We don’t hire unlicensed HVAC Technicians
•    Since 2012, we are operating as a BBB accredited business
•    We have the best equipment available including, Hurricane Whip System

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