Professional Vent Cleaners in Palatine

Your air ducts in your home are the passageways of all of the air that moves through your home via the heating and cooling. Over a period, the vents will collect dirt, dust, and even mold. If left alone for too long it is possible that there could be some implication that could affect your health.

As the fan on our furnace and air conditioning unit pushes the air through our house to heat or cool our home, accumulation of pollen, dirt and other unhealthy items are pushed along with it, and in most cases, we are not initially aware of it.

Even the furnace filters that we use do not stop all of the harmful ingredients from being spread about your house. Consequently, we breathe in much of the debris that is pushed through the air ducts and over time this can be harmful to our health.

Mold is one of the worst contaminants that travels through the air ducts, as when it is inhaled, it can cause serious medical problems. Mold is usually present in areas that are dark most of the time, and there is a certain degree of moisture, and there is little moving air.

You would think that moving air is always happening, but the air in your system is not moving all of the time. Consequently, the mold has a chance to grow. Mold starts out as a tiny spore, floating through the air, looking for a spot to land.

The cleaning of the air ducts is quite simple, as a long, wide bristle brush is passed through the ventilation system, removing the majority of the dust and debris. Once this is done, your ducts are clean and fresh, and they no longer harbor unhealthy debris and dust.

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