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You do not have to worry about the air duct and dryer vent cleaning or the chimney when you have DUCTS R US. Our technicians are perfectly trained and will arrive on time to carry out the process. Our method is highly effective for the removal of the buildup of dangerous contaminants, dirt, and dust from a home or workplace’s duct system. The system ensures that there is not a single cloud of dust on your residential or commercial property while we carry out the procedure.

The process

After reaching your space, the technicians will make sure that the HVAC system is not turned on before the cleaning. They will connect the vacuum and get all the debris out. Unlike other companies, we provide free estimates and no hidden charges or additional costs. We continue with the cleaning process until the vents are totally clean. Inside the duct system, the mixture of heat and moisture makes a buildup of bacteria that results in the formation of mold. We guarantee that we will get rid of 99 percent of the bacteria that is inside the duct system while making sure your home is safe.

Reason for chimney inspection

Our team will take a look at your chimney and make sure that is in good shape or else that can be the cause of a fire hazard. Do you remember when you built the chimney? As each year passes and with day-to-day use, they collect creosote from the incomplete burning of wood. The creosote is highly flammable, and a flying spark can catch fire. It will be big enough to reach the whole house including the roof of your house.  Our technicians will make sure that no debris or dust is falling on your home. We want to help you maintain safety and a clean environment at your home or commercial space so that you can appoint us for regular check-ups and inspection of your residential and commercial properties.

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