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While most companies stay complacent with where they are, Ducts R Us is the name of innovation and improvement. We are the best – a fact evident in the shape of our clients that are already in hundreds and the number is growing rapidly. For us, numbers is not an issue. In our view, the work we are handling is critical for the well-being of our clients and their properties.

Stay Away from Self-Proclaimed “Experts.”

It’s important to understand that in this age of the internet and technology everyone (yes!) everyone could come ahead with a good looking website and a fake social media following. As a responsible property owner, you have to keep yourself away from pretenders and self-acclaimed experts. HVAC and dryer vent maintenance – both things include several technicalities. Someone without the proper training, experience, and relevant expertise could put themselves and their clients at risk.

Frankly, we are considered one of the top duct cleaning companies in the area. Yes! We are mighty, regarding human and mechanical resources, there is no one to challenge us. Our continuous efforts and a well-planned business strategy have made us an industrial leader. We have all the necessary equipment including powerful vacuuming systems driven by astonishing 20 horsepower motors.

Why Choose Us?

•    We are one of the biggest employers of licensed HVAC technicians
•    We are a proud & certified member of NADCA
•    Very few can offer 100% guaranteed services and satisfaction
•    We bring additional peace of mind as we are duly licensed, insured and bonded
•    Video inspections are exciting – We are offering FREE before & after inspections

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Lincolnwood homeowners, property agents and almost everyone interested could contact us for FREE quotations. Just check the remaining areas of the website and there you would like a lot of interesting stuff about our work and the social impact we are managing to bring.

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