Professional Vent Cleaners in Lake Zurich

Our staff ensure that the air you’re breathing on a daily basis is safe to breath and work! There are many reasons to make sure your vents are clean and well maintained. Having dirt circulating your home not only hurts the A/C system in your house but can also have huge health risks and effects. Over time, dirty ducts can begin to pollute the air and bring air quality down inside your home or building. This can lead to hard to breathe air as well as contaminated air that can affect the lungs over time of anyone who breathes in that air.

There are many signs you may need our service:

Mold – It is pretty common for mold to start growing here, as there are constant air flow and temperature, making it very possible for mold to grow.

Dust and Air Debris – Especially for allergenic individuals and those allergic to dust, this can be a huge problem for you. They can start to collect dust, dirt, and debris which can hugely affect the air that you breathe and your lungs. For those with breathing disorders and hard breathing, this can make it even harder to breathe as well as being worse for your lungs.

Insects and Bugs – Seeing more bugs and insects in your house than usual? Bugs and insects and crawl and make their ways up to your air ducts, which if not cleaned can start spreading and cause more and more bugs to start living in your home. This is why it is a good idea to check on your ducts every at least once a year to see if they need to be serviced.

If all of this wasn’t enough already, having clean air ducts also has a lot of energy savings benefits! When your system is dirty, it can consume up to 40% more energy than usual, resulting in a significantly higher electric bill. Clean your air and save money by choosing us for your next air duct cleaning!

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