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What you may not know is that a six-room home can assemble more than forty pounds of dust, allergens, and dirt every year. It is a big issue because an ounce of dirt can cause a lot of health problems. They accompany fungi, mold, and bacteria. In fact, the surprising part is that the air inside the house can be dirtier than the outdoors. When the cooling or heating system is functioning, the dust and dirt circulate into the whole apartment.

Improved indoor air quality

You have to spend more money as well if you are not cleaning the air ducts. The debris and dirt gather and stops the air from passing through the ventilation system. That results in you paying more money for the operation. With time, the issue gets big. Purify the air at your house using Ducts R Us because we are certified experts.

We are not someone who will leave dirt in the nooks and crannies. We will take care of the full system. We start with cleaning the entire ventilation system that consists of the HVAC unit, evaporator coil, and blower. We remove the parts that help us in proper cleaning.

Fire prevention at home

Additionally, our services range to dryer vent cleaning. Our trained technicians take care of the dryer vents so that there is no case of a fire. If you hire professionals to clean your vents on a regular basis, you will save money for being energy-efficient. You know it is the time when you notice too much dust in the house. If there is a change in temperature from one room to another, that could be a problem. If you have a new ductwork, furnace, a new remodeling or some small project or construction, you should say that your air ducts cleaning is overdue.  The build-up of debris and dirt in the system can limit airflow making it work for a long more, thus spending more energy.


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