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Many individuals make the mistake of thinking that the outdoor air is dirtier than the indoors. That is not true because the air inside the home is three to six times more polluted than the outside. It is a health concern because it can cause minor and major problems. It all starts with a simple headache, colds, sore throats and results in asthma or other serious illness. If you do not have a safe place for your staffs to work, they will get sick, and that will reduce the output of your company.

Inside the ducts

When the contaminants, debris, and dirt accumulate in the HVAC system, they can cause a lot of allergies. Clean air is essential for any workplace. We will tell you everything you need to know. We will carry out the inspection and evaluate what needs to be done. There are no hidden charges because we also discuss that upfront.

Importance of a clean workplace

The technicians are trained experts with a lot of experience in the air duct and vent cleaning. With Ducts R US, you can have a clear ventilation structure for your whole building. We have the right equipment that is powerful enough to get rid of all kinds of pollutants. We take care of supply and return of ductwork and all the components of the unit. We can communicate with us anytime you want. We are always available. Our target is to ensure that the workplace is safe and your business is running smooth. Our employees will show you the photos after cleaning the dirty ducts. When the word “clean” comes to mind, make us your first choice. We would love to take care of all the issues. As a result, you will have a workplace that is clean and safe. You will notice the change in the efficiency of your staff’s work once the air is fresh.


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Gurnee - Our technician openning a duct for inspection