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Ducts R US stands out from the other companies because we have always maintained a trustworthy customer base and guarantee 100% satisfaction. We utilize truck mounted and high-quality equipment to get the best results. Our experts will arrive at your place at the right time to evaluate and carry out the cleaning of the vents and air ducts.

How we start

Our technicians begin by examining. Later on, they launch the cleaning by loosening up all the dirt. We will not cause any damage to any of your belongings whether it is your home or the workplace. We will increase the level of air movement through the ducts and make sure the clean air is circulating. Our powerful equipment is going to get out and extract all the toxins of the air ducts, and we will take it with us. We will make sure that there is no dirt, dust or debris at your place. Our technicians will cause any trouble in the house, and they will complete the job perfectly.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

You know you need dryer vent cleaning when you see there is no lint on the lint screen. There is too much of it on your fabrics, and the dryer shuts down continuously by itself during functioning, and the upper part of it is hot are all signs you need to contact us for the job. The debris and lint build up over time in the dryer duct which makes it work in a less efficient manner than it should. It is not something you can ignore because it can cause fire and carbon monoxide disturbance. There were many incidents of fire because of a clogged dryer vent. If you do not notice the above signs, check your clothes. If they feel too warm after the drying, there is a problem. Do not worry, because we will take care of all the problems at a reasonable price.


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