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Did you know dirty & blocked dryer vents are a known cause of fires? Lint formation across the inner walls of the ventilation system is quite a common thing. As time goes by, and with a growing magnitude of scaling, these passageways fall in their capacity and tendency of transporting the dryers exhaust. According to the relevant departments, blocked dryer vents are usually found as culprits behind most of the dryer fires. So, don’t overlook this issues. Pick up your phone and call us straight away for an initial inspection and a free quotation.

We offer excellent solutions all across Elmwood Park. We have been operating in this region and its surrounding for a bit of time now. We already have plenty of returning and satisfied customers. As a certified NACDA member, we believe it is our responsibility – educating and informing the general public and our potential clients about the hazards and risks associated with poorly managed air ducts and dryer vents.

Risks Involved & Mitigation Options

The vents are an integral part of any HVAC system. They are used for the recirculation of air throughout your home or commercial property. Appropriate filtering equipment is applied for restricting access to the fine particles. However, tiny particles are unstoppable. But their ingression in the vents gives birth to a very disturbing situation. These particles stay recirculating across the entire HVAC system. Hence homeowners are constantly breathing this contaminated air without knowing how bad it can be. This is why it has become such a problem with respiratory issues. The air carrying fine particles of dust, dirt, glass, fibers and cotton, etc. is very dangerous for our lungs and other respiratory organs. The only practical option available for an active mitigation of these delicate situations is duct cleaning. Our company offers the highest quality service and maintenance across Illinois.

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