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Ducts R Us is quite an established and well-recognized company operating and bringing intelligent solutions for our domestic and industrial clients. It’s superb to see, a majority of people have started taking and treating this issue as a priority one. However, we are concerned for those who are not taking up this matter in a way they should. Now let us proceed with a brief discussion of the stuff we are talking about.

HVAC Systems are cluttered with Bacteria Colonies

In most cases, you would see experts talking about the things like dirt and dust when it comes to the requirement of air duct cleaning. But, in our point of view this, microbiological growth inside air vents is an even bigger danger. It’s quite common in homes to have these things inside the ducts through which the air flows that we breathe. Several kinds of dangerous bacteria and microbiological organisms could reside there in the form of colonies. As a result, the air fed through these ducts becomes unhealthy and impure. As we already have mentioned above, we consider this phenomenon as a serious matter that is often overlooked. Our company has taken the necessary steps to educate our clients and provide the best service possible. We have systems and procedures capable enough for the removal of bacteria colonies.

General Maintenance & Upkeep

Well, the most common cleaning techniques and resources are employed during a routine preventive maintenance based operation. Various respiratory healthcare related organizations recommend cleaning of air ducts at an interval of two to three years. Remember it is not a “standard.” In case if you are living in a home that exists in a dusty environment or if the AQI levels are not so good in your city then consider cleaning on the annual basis. Still confused? Don’t worry, experienced and expert inspection personals are a part of our team. Just give us a call for having an inspection arranged.

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