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The AIQ (air quality index) score here in most cities is not in ideal range these days. According to the relevant authorities, people with an oversensitive breathing system and allergies may encounter some troubles. Remember, your health is at stake when you are breathing contaminated air. Well, we are not here for spreading worry and anxiety. In fact, Ducts R Us works hard for those who are struggling with these issues.

Indoor Air Pollution is even more dangerous than ever. Yes! That’s true. There is a definite impact of indoor air pollution on our health and specifically on our respiratory organs. Indoor air pollution is considered even more dangerous because the air inside our home remains circulating. Each of its cycles increases the concentration of impurities. Don’t worry – we do have an excellent solution available.

We provide the ultimate solution. For improving and maintaining better indoor air quality, vent cleaning is good and perhaps the only solution. We are a registered company, and we are offering our service to domestic and industrial clients of Arlington Heights and its surrounding areas. We are also pleased to share with you that we are a BBB accredited business and have thousands of satisfied clients from various.  Our attention to detail and level of care has led our customers to use us as their primary HVAC maintenance group.

So you may be wondering what the differences are between us & our competitors. In our view, duct cleaning is a serious business and involves a lot of technicalities. We are not like past timers and self-acclaimed experts. Each one of our staff members is provided with vigorous training. Remember, our service involves the use of electrically powered equipment. Any mishandling could end up with a messy outcome. Check our website and there you would be able to see some samples of our work. Apart from BBB accreditation, we are a duly certified and licensed company as well.

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